Tooth Whitening

Hangleton Dental Practice, Brighton

Do you ever feel ashamed of your teeth?  Are you longing to have whiter ones?  Do you make a conscious effort to smile less because your teeth are not as clean-looking as you want? We can help. You can have teeth whitened safely in just a few sessions when you make an appointment at Hangleton Dental Practice.

Tooth-whitening lightens the natural shade of your teeth using a controlled, completely safe, and non-intrusive process. Also known as ‘dental bleaching’, this gently removes stains and allows us to match your teeth until we have blanched and coordinated them to your ideal colour.

Why would you want to whiten your teeth?

There are several reasons to proceed. You might be unhappy with their colour, or the mismatch between the lighter and darker ones. You could want to gain confidence when eating or when opening your mouth.  You might just want to see a more youthful, whiter, and healthier-looking smile in the morning mirror.

Over time, the surface of your teeth will become damaged by acid foods (such citrus fruit) and stained by specific liquids (blackcurrant juice, red wine, tea and coffee). If you’ve ever smoked, you will also know this causes a general yellowing. Age is another factor.  Teeth will gradually discolour simply with the passage of years.

Colour can also be affected by tartar or a hardened plaque called ‘calculus’. It’s also possible to experience staining beneath of structural tooth damage. This may be caused by small cracks in the enamel or from being prescribed certain antibiotics.

Only very few people possess a set of completely white teeth. And they tend to be young – or admirably conscientious about dental hygiene! But we can add you to that number.  Regardless of why you want your teeth whitened, you can benefit from this service anytime at Hangleton Dental Practice. Just give us a call.

What options do I have for tooth whitening?

There are two types of whitening that we offer. We emphasise that the results may vary from those of the next person based on the nature of your staining and the initial colour of your teeth.

The first method has to be undertaken at home. At the clinic, we’ll create a bespoke lightweight plastic white tray to fit snugly over your teeth. For a few hours during the day (or throughout the night), you can wear this tray filled with a whitening gel. Home whitening may have to be carried out for up to two weeks before you begin to see the desired results.

We call the second method ‘Enlighten Evolution 3’ which is our preferred option for the majority of our patients. The sensitivity level is close to zero and there’s no need for gum protection, dehydration whitening or lights.  This procedure is carried out in the surgery.

Bespoke dental treatment for you

At Hangleton, we are particular about making sure we offer a personal treatment. Depending on what our dentist believes will work best, sometimes a combination model of treatment may be recommended. Book a consultation today to discover how we may best achieve the results you want.

Should you avoid over-the-counter tooth-whitening kits?

While it may seem cost-effective in the short run to opt for an over-the-counter tooth whitening kit, this is rarely advisable because these products usually contain an insufficient concentration of hydrogen peroxide as the whitening agent. Over-the-counter bleaching kits may also be abrasive or include mild acids which can damage your gums and tooth enamel.  They may even cause ulcers.

The methods used at our clinic minimise all risks including the problems of dehydration and mouth sensitivity that may occur otherwise.

Why Choose Hangleton Dental Practice for Teeth Whitening?

At Hangleton, we care about seeing you get the results you want.  We discuss all options to ensure you feel satisfied. We welcome questions and there is no pressure to make any snap decisions.

Our team of dentists have worked with many clients helping them to achieve the whiter, brighter smiles they desire. With a combination of years of experience and our professional knowledge, we have everything needed to make you feel confident of a successful result.

Questions you may want to ask:

During the process, you may feel some fleeting sensitivity, but you can easily get relief by using the analgesic swabs we give you to take home. We can also prescribe desensitising toothpaste to provide some relief.

No, they won’t. They should all remain exactly the same.

It’s possible to achieve tooth whitening in up to 16 shades. While results can vary, your teeth can whiten dramatically if the process is implemented correctly.

You can begin the journey to a whiter, smile by booking an appointment with us today.