Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Services in Brighton on a Private Basis

At Hangleton Dental Practice, we’re well aware that dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. Regardless how busy we are or what time of year it is, we can arrange for you to access emergency dental care.

Whether your problem concerns general, cosmetic or implant dentistry, call us today on 01273 421800 to arrange for emergency services, and rest easy knowing that you’re in competent hands.

Our emergency dentistry service can be accessed quickly so contact us now to book an appointment and consultation.

Which types of dental emergency can we treat at Hangleton Dental Practice, Brighton?

A range of circumstances can lead to the need for immediate treatment. Such an issue could be highly personal – for example, if you are experiencing more pain than you can tolerate. Or suppose your speech is affected by whatever has gone wrong or the dental problem has negatively impacted your looks or your comfort when eating.

Regardless of the details, if it is an emergency for you, it is an emergency for us and we will endeavour to deliver the treatment you need.

The most common problems we deal with include:

  • Toothache or other pain in the mouth.  If you develop a toothache or any other type of pain in your mouth that won’t go away (or is getting worse), we can quickly assess your condition, determine the cause of the pain and remedy it.
  • Fractured teeth. If you’ve broken a tooth (or teeth), contact us promptly for emergency services.  Regardless of what’s happened, we will be able to rebuild your teeth ‘as good as new’ with no one being any the wiser.
  • Crown, veneer or bridge recementing or repair.  If one or more of your crowns or veneers has been damaged, our emergency treatment service can offer the proper care to restore your normal appearance.
  • First stage root canal treatment. You can arrange for this service via a normal appointment.  However, if you believe it’s an emergency and needs instant attention, our specialists at Hangleton Dental are at your disposal.
  • A knocked-out tooth. If due to a sporting accident (or any other cause) you lose one or more of your teeth, the situation can still almost certainly be remedied. By promptly contacting us for emergency services, we might be able to re-install the lost tooth. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can replace your lost tooth with a brand new prosthetic one that’s just as good as the one you lost.
  • Broken jaw: A broken jaw is a serious medical condition. If you suspect your jaw bones may have dislocated or been damaged, it’s best for you to immediately visit A & E at the nearest hospital.

Our specialists at Hangleton Dental Practice in Brighton can help with a wide range of dental emergencies. By investigating the source of your discomfort or other dental ailment, we’ll deliver the ideal solution promptly and make you look as good as ever.

We provide quality dental care in Brighton

Our goal at Hangleton Dental is to deliver consistent, up-to-date treatment by applying the latest technology with skilled hands. In almost two decades of service in the UK, we have targeted this goal. As a result, we have a diverse list of regular patients from across the country. We’d be happy to cater for your dental needs too.

This ability to please patients stems from a commitment to upgrading services and staying abreast of the most advanced methods. Our treatment rooms meet the requirements of all the latest and relevant regulations. We make provisions for all categories of patients, including those with special needs. Our staff are multi-lingual and can communicate in Farsi, Swedish, Danish, Gujarati, Tamil, Urdu and Hungarian as well as English.

We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible and want the very best for our patients whether the visit is routine or an emergency.

Are you in need of an emergency dentist in Brighton?

It’s our professional duty to provide patients with the most appropriate treatments when needed.

We are capable of accommodating both NHS and private patients.

We offer allocated emergency appointments to our patients every day, but generally advise patients to call our offices after 10pm to request an emergency appointment, which will take about 10 to 15 minutes to arrange.

Normal appointments are available during daytime working hours, but we are willing and able to allocate emergency appointments to any of our patients. An NHS helpline is available, as well as an out-of-working-hours dental service for patients who cannot keep the offered appointment at the practice.

Dental  Emergency? Call Hangleton Dental Practice on 01273 421800 for immediate treatment.