General Dentistry Services

Hangleton Dental Practice, Brighton

Hangleton Dental Practice offers a comprehensive range of general services to help you maintain strong and healthy teeth.  Call us today on 01273 421800 to book an appointment or discuss your dental needs.

General dentistry services in Brighton

Most dentists use the latest technology and offer services such as fillings and extractions, root canals and implants.  But unless you’re also comfortable with the process this is not really enough  We believe a happy patient is much more likely to respond to treatment and be willing to attend for regular care.  By contrast, an unhappy one ONLY visits when there’s a crisis and the symptoms become more difficult to treat.

At Hangleton Dental Practice our services begin with a comprehensive general examination taking detailed notes of the current state of your teeth, looking into your treatment history, finding out about any medical complications and learning what you’d like to achieve by seeing us.  We explain everything involved in a given procedure and listen hard to your worries and reservations.  In other words, we begin to make a relationship with you based on your priorities and concerns.

We believe that establishing mutual confidence with clear two-way communication is the basis of all successful dental interventions.  Call us now on 01273 421800 to book an appointment.

Consultation session

We keep our consultations as short and open as possible so that you can glean all the information you need.  This allows us to get to the root of the problem fast.  Consultation might be one of our most basic services but is, of course, our most essential.  Even if you need emergency dental services, we strongly recommend that you undergo a primary consultation.

Dental x-rays

Not all dental treatment requires X-rays although certain other forms of dental care cannot proceed without one.  This includes orthodontic procedures, dental implants, root canal treatments, tooth extractions and similar surgical work.

Our dental X-ray equipment is state-of-the-art and provides all the detailed information we need to prepare – and provide for – the required treatment programme.

Hygiene therapy sessions

We recommend you visit us for hygiene therapy sessions at least twice a year for deep-cleaning. This will protect you from gum disease and decay – clearing out all the accumulated plaque and tartar.

There are certain parts of your mouth that are difficult to reach when using even an electric toothbrush. Our hygiene therapy sessions don’t focus on just the enamel of your teeth, but also their roots and underneath the gum line. To find out more about this very important service, talk to us today on 01273 421800.


If part of your tooth has been compromised by decay, we can set things right with a swift filling. If necessary, we can also remove some of the infected tooth material. Our fillings are safe, swift and will be moulded to the exact shape of your bite.


We perform dental extractions only as a last resort when the tooth has reached the end of its useful life or is beginning to damage nearby structures.  We perform quick, pain-free extractions.  After, you can decide if you want to opt for an implant, bridge or a denture.  By the completion of all treatment – we promise to resurrect your winning smile.

Root canal treatments

This is one of our general services, but unlike the others, might require multiple visits. Root canal surgery becomes necessary when the pulpy structure of one or more teeth has become compromised usually by infection. The process involves hallowing out the tooth and treating it with a medicated preparation that kills all the bacteria.

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Our services are designed and delivered in a manner that’s centred on the satisfaction of our patients.

We strongly believe your needs should always come first and we do our best to make you feel comfortable during each visit to our office.

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