Dental Implants

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If you have lost teeth and want help – or if gaps in your mouth are damaging your self-confidence – Hangleton Dental can restore the brilliance of your smile with our Dental Implants Service. These implants are of the highest quality and once fitted feel stable and solid.
At Hangleton Dental, we’ve been caring for the dental health of clients from across the UK for almost a decade. We offer a variety of dental services to people of all ages. Over the years, our implants have become a popular remedy.
We offer dental implants as a long-lasting treatment solution for patients who have lost a tooth (or multiple teeth). The tooth loss may have been caused by an accident, as a result of gum disease or tooth decay. Whatever the case, we can replace your missing teeth and have your smile looking as good as new.
The loss of even a single tooth can affect how you eat and speak, as well as negatively impacting your self-image. It can also put adjacent teeth under additional pressure as you start to rely on them instead. Thanks to our dental specialists, a lost tooth is no longer something you have to live with for the rest of your days. Our implant service will not only restore your missing tooth with a long-lasting replacement, it can also help improve bite function and even your external appearance.
If you’ve lost teeth due to oral trauma, disease, or some other cause, call us today on 01273 421800 to arrange for an assessment and to discover how we can improve your appearance with our implant services. Over the years, we’ve fitted implants to a great number of fully satisfied patients.

Will dental implants feel like normal teeth?

Before offering to implant a new tooth, we first carefully evaluate a client and discuss the possible options. It may be that a dental bridge alone is all that’s required; it may be that the strength of your jawbone indicates an implant would be more successful. By offering our service in this manner, we can rebuild or replace your missing teeth so they blend naturally in size, shape and colour with those nearby. This way, when next you smile, no one will be able to tell the difference between any of your implants and natural teeth!

Our implants will be securely fitted into your jaw to ensure they’re as firmly rooted as natural teeth. This allows you to enjoy completely normal chewing. Within a very short period, most patients report they cannot feel any difference between an ordinary tooth and an implant.

We’ve been providing this service for years and are confident that your self-confidence can be boosted. Implants are truly a marvel of modern dental technology because the net result is that old dead, decayed and damaged teeth can literally be replaced with new, fully-functioning, undetectable replicas.

Regardless how old you are or how you came to lose your teeth, call us today at Hangleton Dental Practice to discover how we can restore your confidence and beauty with our implant services.

What types of dental Implants do we have available and what sort of artificial teeth are attached?

Dental implants have been evolving over the past forty years and there are currently a wide variety of styles and designs available – each with its own unique features. We offer a hand-picked selection of the most modern implant options currently available in Britain.

At Hangleton Surgery, once one of our dental implants is in place you can either have a porcelain crown attached, or a denture or bridge of your choice. The attachment might be artificial in reality, but it will look just as good as a natural one, as well as cosmetically attractive.

Our services come highly recommended. We are able consistently to deliver high quality treatments by using what we firmly believe are the best dental technologies.

What sort of maintenance is required for dental implants?

We want you to enjoy your dental implants for as long as possible, with the least hassle. This is why we have implant options available that require little to no maintenance over the years. So long as you brush and floss with the same prescribed standard of care as for your regular teeth, you’re likely to enjoy great results for many years.

Dental implant specialists in Brighton

Our team at Hangleton Dental comprises a variety of professionals, with complementary skills. They have:

  • Constantly updated international qualifications.
  • Years of experience.

The result is that we can restore your teeth with the least amount of discomfort or pain. Get in touch with us for a friendly chat and to hear more about what these implant specialists can do for you.

Is our dental practice fully accessible?

Our treatment rooms are fully equipped and our staff are fully qualified. Our offices are open to people of all ages and all walks of life. We’ve also made special arrangements to accommodate patients who might have disabilities.

Call us today on 01273 421800 to arrange a consultation to discuss dental implants