Cosmetic Dentistry

Hangleton Dental Practice, Brighton

Cosmetic dentistry is growing more popular in the UK with an extensive range of interventions.  We can straighten and whiten your teeth; fit crowns or caps.  More people than ever are using cosmetic dentistry to take pride in their smile-ability.

At Hangleton Dental Surgery, we also offer a painless, effective method of straightening crooked teeth and removing unsightly stains using the latest laser technology.
Note: For those with a dental emergency, we at Hangleton Dental practice can usually provide appointments within 24 hours.

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Which cosmetic dentistry services do Hangleton Dental Practice offer?

Everyday activities such as drinking red wine, tea and coffee will stain your teeth.  Smoking, old fillings, tooth decay and tartar will also discolour them.  Our remedies include ‘Zoom’ – an in-chair whitening formula which gives excellent results.  Other effective whitening procedures include our Pure Laser technique, Kick Start Laser and the Home Kit.  Please ask at Hangleton Dental Surgery for further information.

Straightening your teeth can improve both confidence and attractiveness. It can also uprate your basic chewing efficiency. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Our professional orthodontists will assess your teeth and suggest your best straightening strategy.

Invisalign is a dental procedure that straightens misaligned teeth using a series of clean, detachable aligners. It is almost completely transparent and therefore a most discreet method.  A dentist will take a mould of your bite impression and using 3D technology create a series of aligners for each tooth.

A veneer is a custom-made new front surface for a tooth, usually constructed from porcelain. Veneers are highly versatile and provide a solution for straightening, protruding or crowded teeth. They are also effective at closing gaps and lightening tooth colour.

At Hangleton Dental, our dental porcelain veneers are a good match to your natural teeth and can bring back the symmetry and natural appearance of your bite. Our veneers can be used to mask a single discoloured tooth. They are commonly used in the ‘smile make-over’. We offer a five-year guarantee for our veneers so financial peace of mind comes with purchase.

If you have a ‘gummy smile’, you could benefit from a pain-free gum-lift.  Our experienced practitioners can correct uneven or eroded gums using laser technology.

We are frequently asked if this procedure is uncomfortable.  In fact, it is usually painless.  Special anaesthesia and non-intrusive techniques ensure your sufferings are minimal.

To improve you confidence when smiling as well as to make your teeth look more even, we tackle three problems.  First, any obvious gaps need to be filled.  Second, protruding teeth need re-siting.  And third, misaligned teeth need straightening.

A smile makeover usually involves work to the upper eight to ten teeth, and in some cases the lower eight.  Porcelain veneers – discreet as well as aesthetically pleasing – are generally fitted.

If you break a tooth getting help quickly is your priority.  At Hangleton Dental Practice, we offer speedy emergency restorative treatments. 

When it comes to cost, we offer flexible payment plans.  Our rates are competitive across the industry for both walk-in emergencies and serial appointments.

Dental procedures can take weeks and (sometimes) months for the final results to show. We don’t promise instant solutions but we do promise our early response.

Hangleton Dental Practice veneer applications and home whitening services take two to three weeks.  Implants or alignments may take three to four months. We have a proven track record in delivering successful outcomes.

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