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Do you grind your teeth and feel pain in your jaw? Does your chin pop and lock painfully when you open or close your mouth?  If these are your problems then our custom-built anti-bruxism devices are some of your best remedies.

Bruxism is the medical term used to describe these conditions. Some people can grind their teeth and clench their jaws without feeling any ill effects. For many others, however, the experience causes mild to severe pain and great discomfort.

Persistent grinding when asleep – or when not eating – can even result in erosion of the biting surfaces. Without this surface irregularity, it is difficult for your teeth to break up food into small portions before swallowing. A persistent period of jaw clenching can also result in muscle pain or spasm making it much more difficult to chew food efficiently.

At Hangleton Dental Practice, we have partnered with some of the most innovative medical professionals to provide the right kind of anti-bruxism preventatives and products.

These interventions provide relief and comfort from jaw aches, facial pain, and headaches. They are also discreet, offering a natural cover for your teeth, so they can be worn both night and day. Besides their near-invisible look, our anti-bruxism devices are aesthetically designed to keep you looking good.

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We supply custom-fit devices to provide protection from excessive teeth grinding

If you are a bruxism sufferer, the effects can be mitigated by using custom-fit guards and night-guards. Over the years, several models have been designed for maximum comfort and protection.

We can design the ideal size and shape for your jaw. By using our unique self-impression system, you can make your own dental impression during a quick and easy process. This saves both time and money. Just send it back to us and we’ll fashion a beautiful new device, custom-made for you.

Our products include a variety of guards for both upper and lower teeth to counteract different intensities of grinding. Whether mild, moderate or severe, we can manufacture a product that will help you tackle your particular problem. Take a look at our affordable prices by visiting our sales page to see for yourself.

Which types of anti-bruxism devices do we supply?

Besides aching jaws and teeth-grinding, our products offer a solution for other conditions and ailments too.
They include:

  • Radiating pain in the jaw and neck
  • Stiffness in the chin
  • Aching pain within and around the ears
  • Headaches and migraines caused by jaw-clenching
  • Improving alignment of the upper and lower teeth

Before making a purchase, you might want to determine the level of teeth-grinding involved. This will help you select a device that is appropriate for your individual needs. Talking to one of our orthodontist specialists will also help.

Three types of custom device to combat bruxism:

  • The Minimum Anti-Bruxism Device: This device is recommended for mild teeth grinding. It is made from soft, but firm material and offers maximum protection and comfort while you sleep. Designed for both upper and lower teeth, this product is made by an experienced technician with guidance from an expert dentist.
  • The Moderate Anti-Bruxism Device: Teeth Grinding Night Guard is made from semi-hard material, it offers complete protection without compromising your comfort. The night guard is made by using self-impression kits, designed to provide maximum grip for your teeth. It doesn’t stain teeth and can be worn during the day.
  • The Severe Anti-Bruxism Device, that is stronger than the previous two. If after our assessment, we discover you grind your teeth heavily, a dentist will recommend a ‘severe’ anti-bruxism device. Unlike the other two options, this model has a 3mm thickness of material for full grip, but it does not compromise comfort. The dual laminate night guard is also available for upper and lower teeth.

When you send your teeth impression, we might need some time to produce a fitting device. Our customers usually receive their orders after seven to ten days, depending on the request and the distance to their home.

How to choose the right anti-bruxism device for you?

Before you select an anti-bruxism device, it’s important to note that this object will be present in your mouth while you sleep and sometimes even before you go to bed. Comfort must remain a priority since some patients will take time to adapt to this treatment. If the guard is ill-fitting, it’s much more likely to feel like an obstruction and interrupt or delay your sleep.

Based on research and continuous testing, our devices have been developed to anticipate the majority of these common difficulties. For this reason, we insist on capturing the perfect impression of your teeth before designing a custom device. If you have sensitive gums, our range of specialist night guards is highly recommended. Feel free to ask our dentists any follow-up questions.
If your bruxism seems severe, we manufacture durable, rigid, yet comfortable night guards that can survive intense jaw muscle activity. With many years of experience, we are fully-equipped to recommend an effective product for your particular needs.

Our dentist will need to determine:

  • If you have sensitive gums
  • If you think your mouth is smaller than average
  • If your bruxism is mild, moderate or severe

Are there any other types of anti-bruxism devices available?

How can you stop grinding your teeth for good? If you’ve asked yourself this question many times, we are happy to offer you a clear-cut reply.
The only proven treatments for bruxism are mandibular adjustments, occlusal splints and hypnosis. (Hypnosis in our view is a separate medical speciality so we at Hangleton Dental Surgery focus on the first two).
Occlusal splints are small plastic mouth guards which can be fitted easily into your mouth (as previously discussed). They come in various materials, ranging from soft to hard, depending of the level of your bruxism.
Secondly, mandibular adjustments are used to manage snoring and sleep apnoea. Many researchers believe the conditions of snoring and bruxism are strongly interlinked so it follows that controlling the snoring activity will also result in a reduction of teeth-grinding.
At Hangleton Dental Surgery, we offer a range of anti-snoring devices that can help you manage your breathing while reducing bruxism. A recent study revealed that clearly positive results were obtained amongst patients who used our occlusal splint and mandible adjustments to control bruxism.
If you suffer from bruxism, treatment is only a phone call away. Your partner is also likely to appreciate your finding an effective treatment for the condition.

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