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Private Dentist in Brighton

Whilst there are many private dentists in Brighton, choosing a dentist who is right for you can be a daunting prospect.We all want to know that the regular care we are receiving is the best it possibly can be, and equally that we are able to be seen quickly in case of an emergency.

By choosing Hangleton Dental Practice for your private dentistry, you are choosing a team that has been transforming smiles and offering unparalleled dental care to their patients in the Brighton area for nearly 20 years.

The decision to begin a private dental plan over the NHS may not seem like the most pressing concern. Most people will infrequently experience problems and complaints when it comes to their teeth. And should a problem occur, under the NHS all patients are entitled to high-quality dental care to make sure that, whatever the problem, it is resolved quickly. But whilst NHS care is designed to help keep a patient’s teeth and gums healthy, the advantage of a private dental plan is the flexibility it can offer patients to be seen regularly and choose their own course of treatment.

Hangleton Dental Practice, private dentist Brighton, believes that choosing private dental care should be affordable and an option that is available to everyone. With an expert team and many years of experience, Hangleton’s dentists are able to offer a range of private and emergency dental services to their patients to ensure their teeth and gums remain in the best possible condition.

Private Dentists in Brighton

Private Dentists in Brighton are more accessible than ever before. By spreading the cost of private dental care into a single low-cost monthly direct debit, patients will have peace of mind when it comes to the health of their teeth.

Beyond providing patients with a treatment plan designed to keep teeth and gums as healthy as possible, choosing a Brighton private dentist means that you will have access to high-quality aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry on your doorstep. Cosmetic dental procedures, offered in addition to your regular care, can include teeth whitening and straightening, as well as the fitting of veneers and crowns. At Hangleton Dental Practice, in addition to our regular cosmetic procedure, patients can also opt for our bespoke Smile Makeover package, design to give you the smile of your dreams.

Having confidence in your smile can have a dramatic impact on your everyday life. As such, more people than ever are choosing to have cosmetic dental treatments. Private patients report that an improved smile and the knowledge that their care is in good hands has given them peace of mind and had a positive impact on their general well-being.

At Hangleton Dental Practice we are able to provide patients with a wide range of cosmetic and medical dental procedures at a discounted rate through our dental plan.

Over the course of a lifetime, commitment to a high quality dental plan can have a dramatic impact on the health of your teeth and gums during later life. Perfected over the course of many years, Hangleton’s dental plans mean that you can rest assured that whatever happens, professional care is available to meet your every need.

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From £15.74 per month, our members are invited to visit us for the regular oral health check-up, clinical examinations, and hygiene appointments with our private dentists in Brighton. We care about your teeth and consult with all our members to develop their own ongoing treatment plan to ensure you receive quality care that is centered around your needs.

In the long term, our dental plan often works out to be a more cost-effective option than traditional private and pay as you go plans in the majority of cases. Should you experience problems, or simply wish enhance your smile, Hangleton dental plan members qualify for a 20% discounts on a range of procedures including laboratory treatments, fillings, and many other services.

Our Dental Team

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GDC No. 72410 - DDS UMEA Sweden

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Practice Manager

Dr. Rahul Gupta

GDC No. 254692 - B.D.S. MSC Clinical Dentistry

We offer both NHS and Private Treatments.

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