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Hangleton Dental Practice: Dental Plans

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At Hangleton Dental Practice, we understand that dental care can be expensive but we believe that anyone should be able to receive the best possible quality of treatment at a reasonable price level. Browse our tiered dental plans, designed to suit a variety of circumstances for both Private and NHS patients. No matter which tier plan you opt for you will receive top quality oral care from our caring team.

What Are Payment Plans?

Payment plans at Hangleton Dental Practice are ways in which you can spread out the payment of your superb quality dental treatment without having to break the bank. These plans allow you to insure against the cost of unexpected treatments which may be required. These may include emergency dental treatment costs which you could not have predicted.

Having a payment plan is a benefit but it is always better still to work with a treatment plan customised for you. This is one which suits your needs perfectly without needing further adjustments. It is one which makes you smile after receiving treatment knowing that you have obtained the most economical solution to your dental difficulty.

Understanding Dental Payment Plans

Traditionally, dental plans were ‘treatment-inclusive’ plans, which meant that you would have to pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis. This fee was intended to cover your dental treatment needs and was determined after a clinical examination, taking into account a banding system. The banding system was based on such factors as age, treatment history, and estimated future treatment needed.

Even when the monthly fee had been decided, it was not fixed. The figure was subject to yearly review, so it could change from time. The problem was not that it could change, but that any change within the banding system could affect your overall plan.

If you happened to be on a band A treatment plan one year, you may have been advanced to a band C or band D plan after having a crown or a couple of fillings fitted. This would mean that your monthly payments would shoot up by 200 to 300%, and you would have absolutely no control over this.

Since you would be at the mercy of your dentist whenever prices increased, neglect and less-than-satisfactory standards of treatment became more common. The focus was on the next opportunity to raise prices which would favour the dentist but leave the patient at a disadvantage.

The result was that a patient would have their first examination with a new dentist, only to find out that they were required to move several bands up or could no longer keep their current plan. This instability in dental plans made it difficult to ensure good service and customer loyalty.

Our Dental Plans at Hangleton Dental Practice Are Different

At Hangleton, we understand the challenges of dental plans and we know both where and what the changes need to be. Having learnt from the mistakes of the past, we have taken various measures to ensure that we create dental plans which suit our patients perfectly. At our practice, we put you first.

About a decade ago, we set out to design our own practice-based payment plan which helped revolutionise dental care. So far, we haven’t had any cause to recall our system because it has proven to be an ideal way of dealing with patients.

Our dental plan makes the provision for you to pay a flat monthly fee for a membership. This fee will cover the following:

  • All necessary examinations.
  • All means of investigation regarding treatment .
  • An action plan for treatment.
  • Two visits per year to the hygienist.

As much as our dental payment plan covers the essentials, we also want to be able to go further, by offering even more value for your money. As a way to reward our loyal patients, we offer a 20% discount (20% off the standard practice private fees) on all necessary treatments which are intended to maintain your oral health.

What’s more, our plan includes insurance which provides cover for accidental damages and losses. You can also get worldwide emergency advice and care, available all day, every day of the year. There are few other practices who can offer you such fantastic value.

What Do We Charge at Hangleton Dental Practice?

At Hangleton, we charge a fixed fee of £15.75 per month, which is subject to indexation. This fee is not dependent on factors such as age, gender and previous treatment history. However, this fee does not include the first examination and a set of x-rays. Currently, those cost £60. Please note that any treatment considered necessary for the first 6 months on our dental plan will not qualify for the 20% discount.

Objectives of the Hangleton Dental Practice Dental Plans

At Hangleton, we ensure that you achieve the results you desire by offering superior materials, techniques and technologies for dental treatment. By every standard, the level of care which we provide is excellent, and usually this type of dental care tends to be expensive – even more so when the available treatment plans serve the interests of the dentists alone.

Our practice is determined to ensure that you never have to worry about getting overcharged for quality dental care. We also want to make sure that you have a practical solution in the event of any physical pain or trauma which may cause unexpected dental problems. To lighten your financial burden, we want you to have access to dental insurance plans and policies which can cover some or all of the costs involved.

Some of the options we offer include:

  • Affordable monthly subscription plan.
  • Preventative care.
  • 20% discount on treatments.
  • Assessment-free process of joining dental plans.

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